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For A Few Chickens More: A Song of Schweiss and Johnson - A Game of Thrones Podcast

Jan 30, 2020

This time, the guys discuss what they consider the worst episode of Season 7: Beyond the Wall. Join them as they discuss unbelievable act after unbelievable act, witty dialogue, the loss of some characters, and much, much more. Enjoy the episode!

Jan 20, 2020

This time, Schweiss and Johnson talk about Eastwatch. Join us as we discuss Dany's increasingly crazy decisions, Tyrion trying to cope with those decisions, and the boys going north to capture a wight in an insane mission. Enjoy the episode!

Jan 17, 2020

This time, Schweiss and Johnson discuss one of Schweiss' favorite episodes upon airing for the season; The Spoils of War. Join them as they discuss the weight of the attack, Dany's descent into madness, and Jon taking a stand. Enjoy the episode!

Jan 7, 2020

This week, Schweiss and Johnson discuss another solid season 7 episode of Game of Thrones. Join them as they deep dive into the reunions, titles, and outmaneuvering that the show is known for. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for another episode of For A Few Chickens More, A Song of Schweiss and Johnson.